Holistic Guiding Principles

At Change, Inc. Nashville Counseling, there’s a reason why we say our experts aren’t just therapists – they’re agents of change!  Since our inception, we’ve been guided by 2 Fundamental Principles that clearly differentiate us as leaders in our field.

1. True health involves functionality across all aspects of your life — biology, psychology, social, and spiritual.  We’re going to work with you in our primary area of expertise (psychology), but we readily concede how much influence the rest of these areas may have on your life.  As a result, our time together may also include suggestions regarding (or elements of) wellness, exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or spirituality.  If we come to agreement that more help is needed in one of these areas specifically, we’ll even do our best connect you with an expert in those fields.

2.  True health ought to be noticed by others.  Our work with you centers on helping you get your life back.  When you do, we suspect those around you will experience some form of healing as well, inspired by you.  We’re inspired by you too!  


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” –Maya Angelou

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